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Steve Farrar’s laser beam mission is to equip men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes and churches. Steve has his finger on the pulse of men and is known for his candor, his humor, and his commitment to Scripture.

Steve has spoken for hundreds of men’s conferences and events, and has authored 20 books for men, including the bestseller, Point Man.  For twenty years he has taught a weekly Men’s Bible study in Dallas that is attended by several hundred men and is continually updated on-line. 

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The Lion Roars

Steve’s new study series from the book of John.

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Battle Ready: Prepare to Be Used by God 

There is a kind of man God uses. He stands tall in the face of giants. He strives to honor God through his life. He is trusting when it seems all hope is lost. And when life is uncertain, he is certain of God’s unfailing provision.

Battle Ready is for any man who longs to serve God. Explore the lives of men who made an impact in their world, including Joshua, who led the Israelites into the Promised Land and Caleb, who trusted God, and not himself, for victory in battle 

Men of all ages, at every stage of their spiritual walk, will discover how they too can become men God can use, men who are battle ready!

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